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Sookie Stackhouse is a telepathic waitress in a small-town restaurant and the main protagonist of the series. Because of her ability, she has difficulty forming lasting human relationships. She becomes involved in a romantic relationship with a vampire, Bill, upon discovering that she can't read his mind. This relationship with a supernatural being causes a lot of controversy in her small town. Through Bill, she finds herself entering into a world of creatures and supernatural conflict that surpasses her worst nightmares. She has lived with her grandmother, Adele Stackhouse, since childhood, after the death of her parents.
Also through Bill, she has found out where her telepathic ability is coming from and what she is in the 11th episode of season three. Sookie is a hybrid descent from the human and fairy a species that is supposed to be extinct over years.
Sookie is portrayed by Anna Paquin.

Bill Compton is a vampire romantically involved with Sookie. Turned during the American Civil War against his will, Bill shows more compassion for human life than many other vampires. He is outwardly expressive of his emotions and holds onto memories of his past human life, behaviors that are unique amongst his vampire peers. While not an extremely old vampire, Bill is quite powerful and was referred to by Russell Edgington as one of the most promising vampires in the Americas. Bill risks his life and standing in vampire society to protect Sookie from those who wish to take advantage of her fairy ancestry.
Bill is portrayed by Stephen Moyer.

Eric Northman is the Sheriff of Area 5, a vampire district in Louisiana. A Swedish Viking warrior in life, he is over 1,000 years old and is a powerful member of the vampire community. He runs the vampire bar, Fangtasia, in Shreveport, and develops an interest in Sookie Stackhouse after discovering her unique ability to read minds during the first season. Immensely strong and the oldest vampire in Louisiana, he rips a man into pieces during the second season. As sheriff he enforces vampire law, a duty that includes bringing Bill Compton to be tried by the Magister for killing a fellow vampire: Longshadow. Eric and Bill are portrayed as being in a strained form of conflict; Eric wanting Sookie but being unable to take her due to vampire etiquette, and Bill unable to act on his anger toward Eric due to being a vampire subject to Eric's jurisdiction as sheriff.
For several weeks during the second season, Eric holds Lafayette Reynolds prisoner at Fangtasia for selling V. Eric trades Lafayette's freedom (and a substantial sum of money) for Sookie's assistance in his search for Godric, the missing Sheriff of Area 9 in Dallas and his maker. Eric, still technically bound to Godric, is intensely loyal and cares deeply for his maker. This quality of the character is highlighted when Godric (who has grown weary of life after over 2,000 years of existence) decides to commit suicide by exposing himself to sunlight at dawn. When he first hears of Godric's desire to end his life, Eric shows anger, then breaks down weeping, begging his maker not to leave. Here Eric shows a vastly different side to his usually collected and taciturn personality. At first insistent on staying by Godric's side and dying with him, Eric does not leave until Godric invokes his authority as Eric's Maker to directly order him to leave.
Throughout the second season, Eric's interest in Sookie progresses from his initial curiosity to romantic attraction. This attraction comes to a head when he tricks Sookie into sucking silver bullets out of his body (ostensibly to save his life), resulting in her unintentionally consuming an unknown portion of his blood. This causes Sookie to feel sexually attracted to Eric, and also allows Eric to monitor her emotions and location at all times.
At the beginning of the third season it is also revealed that Eric is aware of the werewolves who have taken Bill and, with Godric, masqueraded as SS during the Second World War, hunting Werewolves. His prejudice toward a specific group of Werewolves stems from his family being murdered by a group of them, who were ordered by a mysterious vampire which Eric learns to be Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi. His feelings and attraction to Sookie are also more apparent, as he begins to have dreams of her in his sleep.
To get close to Russell, he pledges his allegiance by betraying Sophie-Anne and blackmailing her into marrying Russell. He also forces Hadley, Sookie's cousin, to reveal that Sookie is a fairy, and that Sophie-Anne sent Bill after her. When they get back to Jackson, Eric offers to help calm down Talbot's stress while Russell goes after Bill and Sookie. Eric and Talbot almost have sex, but Eric stakes Talbot as part of his revenge. Eric reveals Russell's plans to Nan Flanagan and the Authority. They task Eric to conduct an "off the books" mission to hunt and kill Russell.
Eric is portrayed by Alexander Skarsgård.